Divine Communication and Revelation: A Muslim Theological Perspective

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Workshop (28-31 May 2021)

Date: 28-31 May 2021
Venue: Due to the pandemic, the workshop is going to take place online
Attendees: 12 scholars participating in the project

The workshop will be the opportunity for the authors to brainstorm, chapterise, and discuss at some length their own planned contribution (abstracts and outlines of chapters), as well as the contours and overall tone and register of the book. The workshop will be a closed event with no public participation. There will be no media coverage, but photographs of the event will be uploaded to the IFMT website.

It is hoped that at the end of the workshop the scholars will have produced a written agreement that includes:

  • confirmation of a change to the current working title of the volume, i.e. Divine Communication: A Muslim Theological Perspective;
  • a list of finalised chapter titles;
  • a list of dates for submission of first and final drafts, together with a peer review schedule;
  • three names of possible foreword writers;
  • a volunteer from each ‘area of concern’ to contribute to the general introduction;
  • and a list of no more than five preferred publishers

You can click to download the Workshop Program as PDF file.

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