The Day 21+ Campaign


“The believers, in their mutual love, compassion, and sympathy are like a single body; if one of its organs suffers, the whole body will respond to it with sleeplessness and fever.” -Al-Bukhari and Muslim

“I heard the Messenger of God (ﷺ) say: ‘Whoever of you sees an evil must then change it with his hand. If he is not able to do so, then he must change it with his tongue. And if he is not able to do so, then he must change it with his heart. And that is the slightest effect of faith.” -Muslim

When international cameras dim, unfortunately international aid does as well.

We are one ummah, one body. Let’s collectively respond deeply and quickly to support during but most importantly post the 21 day period, when others don’t.

We all know the famous hadith about actions with our hands, tongues, and hearts… donating and forwarding this message hits all three.

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Message from DoctorsWorldWide: Background of Campaign

The day21+ Campaign focuses not just on urgent relief needs, but critically ongoing recovery needs. From our experience of responding to more than 13 humanitarian disasters globally, as well as delivering 125+ medical projects over the past 22 years, we are looking at a recovery phase lasting for at least 1 year up to 5 years. It is at this point that your donations matter the most – because people do not stop living once the international cameras dim; communities still need to return back to some form of normalcy, whether that is being able to access healthcare when they need it, resuming the education of their children, being able to access clean and safe water/sanitation needs, staying warm, cooking meals, overcoming trauma, and rebuilding their lives from ground zero – literally.

How we have used the donations so far:

Right now, we are still in the disaster phase. Our database of 20,000 strong Turkish medical volunteers are rotating to deliver medical care to hundreds of people every day. Within the first 8 days we have:

  • 2,694 people received medical care/treatment
  • 4,391 people received relief/aid
  • 152 sq ft tent hospital established & several clinics including mobile clinics
  • 29 surgeries were conducted
  • 10 babies delivered /caesarean sections
  • 31 psychosocial support sessions
  • 34 medical volunteers deployed so far

Video of when we helped pull a 16 year old girl out of the rubble after 100 hrs

Video of DWW activities on the ground

How we will use the donations from the day 21+ campaign:

Your support and donations will focus on recovery, particularly related to medical care, access to safe spaces and psychosocial needs for children [and adults], rehabilitation of medical services, and supporting disease outbreak efforts related to water, hygiene and sanitation. In addition;

  • Rehabilitation of injured both physically and psychologically
  • Primary medical care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Ongoing maternal health care
  • Reintroduction of immunisation programmes
  • Clean water and adequate nutrition
  • Restoration of public health
  • Infectious disease prevention and monitoring

Individuals from

  • Charity Right
  • Deutsch Bank Muslim Network (DBMN),
  • Mercy Mission World,
  • NZF Worldwide,
  • My Family Group,
  • Quantum Seven,
  • AlKauthar Institute,
  • MyTenNights,
  • Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture (IIKV),
  • International Foundation for Muslim Theology (IFMT)
  • Merciful Servant
  • Celebrate Mercy
  • Islamic Finance Guru

have come together with our trusted friends at Doctors Worldwide to support the victims of the devastating twin earthquakes to support during, but most importantly past the chaos period.

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Let your fingers testify to these actions that determine the quality of our eternity on the Day of Judgment, God Willing.

At a minimum we should forward this message to your community and family groups on WhatsApp.

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