Divine Communication and Revelation: A Muslim Theological Perspective

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Seminar on God Talk: Divine Revelation and Communication

Date: 18-19 February 2022
Venue: Online Zoom Event
Panellists: 12 scholars participating in the project

A seminar on God Talk: Divine Communication and Revelation will be held online, in form of a zoom event. This mid-project event will bring together all of the academic personnel contributing to the volume on Divine Communication so that they can ‘road-test’ their material in the form of short, chapter-relevant seminar papers. This two-day seminar will accommodate twelve twenty-minute papers – with fifteen minutes Q&A for each paper.

The seminar will be open to public, with the attendance of as many scholars and students as possible. Each scholar will present his or her paper and receive feedback through dedicated feedback sessions. Feedback will later be fed into the finalising of chapters. The event will be broadcast via IFMT’s YouTube channel.

The Videos for the Seminar on Godtalk: Divine Communication and Revelation are now available. Watch here.

Popularising God-talk: Challenges & Opportunities - Iqbal Nasim
"Your Lord has prescribed Mercy upon Himself" (6:54): Towards a Systematic Muslim Theology of Mercy - Dr Timothy Gianotti
The Role of Supplication in Divine Communication - Dr Seyfeddin Kara
Frontier Theology, God and a Glut-Theoretic Account of the Problem of Foreknowledge in Islamic Theology - Dr Safaruk Chowdhury
Qur'anic Framework for God's Revelation: Four Levels of God's Communication with Creation - Dr Mehmet Ozalp
Angels in the Qur'an: An Izutsian Analysis - Dr Mahshid Turner
A (New) Qur'anic Natural Theology - Dr Jamie Turner
Epistemic Justification for the 'Oral Proof' as an Establishing Proof for Argumentation - Dr Ismail Hacinebioglu
Prophetology and Islamic Spiritual Care: The Spiritual Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad as a Model for Spiritual Formation and Caring for Souls - Dr Feryal Salem
Divine Metaphysics in Mulla Sadra: God & His Speech - Dr Farhan Zaidi
Towards a Nursian Angelology - Dr Colin Paul Turner
"Every Prophet was a Shepherd": An Islamic Pastoral Theology of Care - Dr Bilal Ansari
Reclaiming space for God-talk: Theories of Ijtihad and intra-Muslim differences in matters of belief - Dr Ali-reza Bhojani
IFMT Online Seminar on Godtalk: Divine Communication and Revelation, February 18, 2022.
IFMT Online Seminar on Godtalk: Divine Communication and Revelation, Feb 19, 2022

Meeting ID: 925 4190 2965
Passcode: 161427
Link: Seminar Zoom Link

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