Divine Communication and Revelation: A Muslim Theological Perspective

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Seminar (around February 2022)

Date: January or February 2022 (to be set)
Venue: London
Attendees: 12 scholars participating in the project

A seminar on Divine Communication and Revelation will be held in London. This mid-project event will bring together all of the academic personnel contributing to the volume on Divine Communication so that they can ‘road-test’ their material in the form of short, chapter-relevant seminar papers. This full-day seminar will accommodate twelve thirty-minute papers – with ten minutes Q&A for each paper – spread over two three-hour sessions, with refreshment and lunch breaks built in.

The seminar will be staged in an academic setting, with the attendance of as many scholars and students as possible. Each scholar will present his or her paper and receive feedback through dedicated feedback sessions. Feedback will later be fed into the finalising of chapters. The event will be open to the public and will be broadcast via video and podcast.

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