We’re More Significant Than They Imagine

One of the misleading things that we are told by scientists, particularly those working in astronomy or cosmology, is that “we are an insignificant race of beings on an insignificant little planet going round an insignificant sun in an insignificant solar system in an insignificant galaxy in an insignificant corner of the universe.”

The ideological nature of this proposition is clear. They want us to think that we are insignificant because they think that being insignificant rules out the possibility that we are the work of a Loving Creator who has created humankind for the most important purpose possible: to act as Divine representative on earth. What could be more important than being a conscious mirror for the reflection of the Creator? What could be more significant than that?

But of course, to accept the existence of a Creator who creates things with wise purpose also means that we have to accept certain responsibilities. And this is what the unbelieving scientists and ideologues simply cannot accept. To believe that we have been chosen out of all created beings to be His representative on earth means also believing that we cannot simply do as we wish. If we are created beings, with duties and responsibilities, it means that we are not free to do as we choose. Whereas if we really were an insignificant race of beings in an insignificant world, we would be able to do exactly as we please and there would be no-one to say that we can’t.

And this is what they cannot stand. They want us to think that we don’t matter, and that there is no Creator who cares, so that we can do anything we like. If we are insignificant, it means there is no wise purpose behind our existence, and if there is no wise purpose in our existence, there is no such thing as absolute morality…and so on.

And so we shouldn’t fall for their nonsense. We are indeed *the* most significant race of beings in existence, living in an extremely important abode called earth, in what is certainly the most significant part of the universe. We are not insignificant or without purpose. We are not alone in a friendless, Creator-less universe. We are His beloveds, and He is ours. If it had not been for at least one of our number, He would not have created anything. And if that is not significant, what is?

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