We All Signed Up To This

“Am I not your Lord?” was the question asked of us all before we came to this world. And all of us, without exception, answered “Yes, You are.”

Accepting that He is our Lord means that we have no excuse for avoiding or rejecting Him. Of course, some will argue that if we cannot remember having said “Yes”, then how can we be held responsible?

However, it is not a question of memory. The question, “Am I not your Lord?” is not something confined solely to some distant point in our past. The question “Am I not your Lord?” is one that He asks all the time. When you look at the cherry tree, for example, and you imagine that it created itself, His question is there, just beneath the surface? “Do you really think that this cherry tree, which has neither power nor consciousness, was able to create itself? Am *I” not the One Who created this? Am *I* not the only One with knowledge and power enough to bring this thing into existence? Am *I* not the Lord of the cherry tree? Am I not *your* Lord too?”

Of course, the only possible answer is ‘Yes’, because none of the alternatives makes sense. We knew that then, when He first asked us, because we were in His direct presence. And, if we are honest to ourselves, we know it now – even though He appears to be present only through His reflections.

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