The Whole World Really Is Talking

It is not surprising that a burning bush ‘spoke’ to Moses (a.s.). Everything in creation speaks through its ‘tongue of disposition’ (lisan-i hal), through the way it is created and the way it is made to function. The cherry-tree in our garden speaks with silent eloquence about the One who fashioned it from a tiny seed, with the utmost skill, order and harmony. It talks about its Maker’s generosity, in giving so-many sweet gifts in summer, and it talks about its Sustainer’s wisdom when it appears to die in winter, before being brought back to life in spring.

Yes, it is no surprise that the burning bush spoke to Moses on the mountain. If we concentrate hard enough, and if our hearts are open, we will hear everything speak to us. The world is alive and vocal, if only we have ears to hear and hearts to understand.

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