In The Hearts Of My Servants

O human being! Do not sell yourself short! Do not undervalue yourself, or underestimate your luminous potential. Do you know what the value of your life actually is?

Your life is an index and catalogue of Divine wonders, and a scale for measuring the attributes of your Creator.

It is an inventory of all that exists: it is a map of the cosmos and a summary of the vast book of creation. Your life is a collection of keys with which to open the treasure-chests of Divine power. It is a pattern formed by the perfections that are scattered over created beings and attached to time.

Your life is like an inscribed word, written by the Divine ‘pen of power’. Your life points from every direction to the Divine names. As for the meaning of your life, it is to act as a conscious mirror to the manifestations of Divine oneness.

As for the perfection of your life, it consists in perceiving the lights of the pre-eternal Sun which are reflected in the mirror of your heart. It lies in displaying intense love for Him as a conscious being. It lies in passing beyond yourself in your desire for Him. It lies in establishing the reflections of His light in the very centre of your heart.

It is on account of this mystery that your Lord said the following, raising you to the very highest of the high:

“The heavens and the earth cannot contain Me. How strange, then, that I am contained in the hearts of My servants…” [Inspired by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi ]

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