Idols Are Not Just Wooden Statues

I have never been able to understand why Muslim scholars question things such as Hinduism, or the Trinity, as examples of ‘associationism’ (shirk), and yet never question the legitimacy of the new gods of modern civilisation, such as nationalism, socialism, secularism, human rights, identity politics, scientism and so on. In fact, not only do many Muslim scholars not question these new gods, they actively debate with each other about the best way of serving those gods, or about the best way of making them compatible with the ‘old God’. Unfortunately, most Muslims – and therefore most Muslim scholars – seem to think that all we need to do to improve and reform Muslim society is to adapt and modify it in order to accommodate the ideals and realities that are represented by these new idols of modernity. This paves the way for the emergence of hybrid,, Frankensteinian monsters such as ‘Islamic socialism’, ‘Islamic democracy’ and ‘Islamic feminism’; it paves the way for the appearance of scholars who are happy to take part in pagan rituals, ostensibly in the name of ‘inclusivism’; and it paves the way for mullahs, muftis and mujtahids who are happy to engage in ‘creative interpretation’ in order to make all manner of perverted thinking and inverted ideals ‘compatible’ with Islamic law.

We are living in a state of compound ignorance (jahiliyya) that is far worse than pre-Islamic Mecca. We seem to think that we are saved simply because we have Islam. But Islam that is grafted onto rotten, alien concepts, perverted ‘moral’ systems and bankrupt, atheistic philosophies really isn’t Islam at all.

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