Don’t Ask Who Created Us Then, Ask Who Creates Us Now!

One of the many ways in which deniers of the Creator try to make us partners in their denial is by stressing how insignificant we are. They say: “You are just one person out of seven billion people, living on one planet out of nine planets, orbiting one star out of 300 billion stars, in just one galaxy out of 200 billion galaxies. You are nothing more than an enormously insignificant speck of dust.”

And yet I know that for me to exist, my parents had to exist. And for my parents to exist, their parents had to exist, and their parents before them, and so on. And for all of those people to exist, an earth had to exist. And for an earth to exist, a universe had to exist. And so on. Which means that even though from one perspective I may appear to be ‘insignificant’, from another perspective, the whole of the universe was created just for me. This means that I’m not insignificant in the least, and that in my creation, there was, and is, Someone who cares about me enough to create a whole universe on my account.

They also try to cover up the Source of our existence by obscuring it with temporal distance. They say, “We cannot possibly know what happened sixteen billion years ago, before the Big Bang, and so we are unable to say for sure where we came from.”

But ‘where we came from’ is not the issue: where we COME from, right now, at this very moment in time, is the issue. It is clear that we cannot ask questions about what happened sixteen billion years ago, but we can ask about what is happening now. For my body is being created and re-created continually and continuously, as we speak: millions of cells are coming into existence and departing from existence, with the utmost order and harmony. Okay, let’s not ask where we came from sixteen billion years ago, let’s ask where we are coming from NOW.

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