Can We Really Help Ourselves?

The bookshops are full of self-help books. But can we really help ourselves? Do we not see that our free will is as weak as a hair; that our power is barely more than an atom; that our life is as short as a burst of lightning; that our consciousness is as dull as a fading light bulb; that our time on earth is but a passing moment; and that the only space that we can call our own is no bigger than the grave in which we will be buried? Can we really help ourselves when our impotence has no end, our needs have no limit, our poverty knows no bounds and our ambitions are never-ending? Should I really rely on my own power and and depend on my own self, or should I rely on One Whose power, mercy and compassion are absolute and never-ending, and Who knows far better than I do what kind of help will help me best? (Inspired by Said Nursi)

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