Understanding Maturidi Kalam: Legacy, Present & Challenges

28th-29th October 2017 Amman, Jordan

For over a millenia the Ash‘ari and Maturidi Schools of Theology have been one of the most prevalent in the Muslim world. While the Ash‘ari School is considered mainstream and studied heavily, the Maturidi School has not, however, received much scholarly attention, despite being recognized as one of the main expressions of Muslim orthodoxy. This conference organised by Kalam Research & Media (KRM) in partnership with the John Templeton Foundation (JTF) aimed to shed further light on the Maturidi school through an analysis of its historical emergence and spread; investigating its theological and philosophical theories; exploring the broader cultural, social and political contexts within which the school developed; and contemporary challenges and the viability of its engagement with the Big Questions. The conference was held in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


  • DR AREF ALI NAYED (Former Libyan Ambassador to the UAE; Chairman of Kalam Research & Media)
  • SHEIKH SAEED FOUDEH (Al-Razi Chair, King Hussein bin Talal Mosque, Jordan)
  • SHEIKH AMIN KHOLWADIA (Chairman, Darul Qasim, Chicago, USA)
  • DR NAZIF MUHTAROGLU (Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey) DR AYSE BETUL TEKIN (Yalova University, Turkey)
  • DR TUBANUR YESILHARK OZKAN (International Foundation for Muslim Theology, UK)
  • DR MEHMET BULGEN (Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey)
  • DR SAFARUK CHOWDHURI (King Fahad Academy, London, UK) DR SAIFUDDIN DHUHRI (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia) HADEL JARADA (PhD candidate, Harvard University, USA)
  • ABDURRAHMAN MIHIRIG (PhD candidate, Harvard University, USA)
  • and others

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