Tackling Prejudice & Discrimination Conference

Tackling prejudice & Discrimination Conference – series of workshops and lectures for PGCE students in years 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018

Contribution of our co-Director Dr. Mahshid Turner in the series of annual workshops on causes of discrimination and prejudice against Islam and Muslims:

True respect for diversity and opportunity for inclusivity can only come about through understanding other faiths.  But unfortunately, our educational institutions focus only on the externals of Islam, rather than the inner faith itself. The word ‘Islamic’ further obscures the understanding of Islam.  There are at least over 300 ethnic groups in the world whose populations includes Muslims.  How can the word ‘Islamic’ then be applied to so many diverse cultures?  The problem lies with too much focus on observing the practice of these diverse communities and lack of understanding of the global entity which unifies all Muslims from all nations and walks of life.  Islam seems to be reduced to Islamic law. The discourse on Islam tends to focus on the outward form, ignoring the very kernel of Islam which is belief, which in theory unifies all Muslims around the globe.

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